A day of sightseeing in South Finistère!

What can you see in South Finistère on a day trip? From our campsite, you can drive to a number of attractions and discover the cultural wealth of our environment! Here's a suggested route.

Locronan, one of France's most beautiful villages

Let's start with the furthest point from the campsite on our tour, Locronan, but well worth the diversions! Locronan was listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France in 2013, and deservedly so! It has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1924. Its Breton architecture, cobbled streets and ancient buildings have long inspired artists and film-makers.

Discover the church of Saint-Ronan, enthroned in the village square. Its flamboyant Gothic architecture has been used as a backdrop for several films, including Roman Polanski's "Tess". The church of Saint-Ronan is also the starting point for every Troménie. This religious procession is unique in Brittany and is held every six years. The next Grande Troménie is scheduled for July 2025.

Locronan is largely pedestrianised, so you can stroll through its narrow streets and discover the many craft shops and restaurants.

After this journey through history, it's on to Quimper!

Quimper Quimper, the prefecture of a thousand assets

Just a few kilometres from Locronan, stop off in Quimper to visit its historic town centre. Ramparts and timber-framed houses, flower-filled quays along the Odet - it's a pleasant walk!

There are also a number of museums of interest, including the Musée de la Faïence, the Musée Départemental Breton and the Musée des Beaux-Arts. You can also visit Saint-Corentin Cathedral, which towers over the town centre from its two bell towers.

A host of shops, cafés and restaurants await you in the semi-pedestrianised streets.

Concarneau, la Ville Close Concarneau, the blue city

Named after the colour of the fishing nets, Concarneau invites you to enjoy the sea air by strolling around its fishing port and marina, both located in the town centre. You can then cross the drawbridge into the Ville Close. This historic centre is a real step back in time: the old buildings, ramparts and old cannons are a reminder that Concarneau was originally a fortified town. Today, Concarneau offers a wide range of tourist attractions, with shops of all kinds.

A great way to end your day out in South Finistère
before heading back to the Prés Verts campsite at 4 Sardines for the evening!