The territory of the standing stones, a magnificent place between Nevez and Trégunc

The territory of the standing stones is a unique place in France. The "Mein Zao", their nickname in Breton, are special constructions which are an integral part of the history of Brittany. Camping Les Prés Verts aux 4 Sardines looks back at their history.

The granite at the origin of the standing stones

Maison en granit The territory of the standing stones was formed in the 18th century. Nevez experienced a demographic boom, and as a result, the needs of the population in terms of food evolved. At the same time, Farmers find it difficult to work the land due to the presence of large granite boulders in the fields, which prevents them from expanding the production area.

So the farmers decided to call on the stonecutters to clear the fields, but the stonecutters demanded too much money to reach an agreement that would satisfy both parties. The farmers then turned to the sailors, who used to help in the fields outside the fishing season. The latter were interested in the recovery of granite for the construction of houses, and this is how the standing stone houses were born.

Les Pierres Debout, a certified place "Landscape of Reconquest

Maison du territoire des pierres debouts Brittany and Finistère are steeped in history, and the land of standing stones is no exception. A strong symbol of this period of French history, the standing stone houses were awarded an exceptional label by the Ministry of the Environment, that of "Paysage de Reconquête" in 1993.

As a result, tourists from all over France travel to the countryside of Nevez and Trégunc to admire these typical Breton houses. Note that these properties are all privately owned and that it is therefore required to respect the lives of the people living in these properties.

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